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Performance, Quality and Reliability

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Proven at Wind Farm development

Wincono Cyprus Ltd. has managed to obtain licenses to build wind farms in Cyprus with a total capacity of 57 MW (Alexigros, Mari, Kellia) on behalf of investment companies which form part and parcel of the Wincono Group.

Furthermore, Wincono Cyprus Ltd. is working on the development of other renewable energy projects.

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Energy Projects

Renewable Energy describes energy that is produced from replenishable, natural resources such as the sun (Solar Energy), wind (Wind Energy), water (Hydroelectric Power), waves (Tidal / Wave Energy), biomass (Biofuels, Biomass Energy) and energy stored in the earth (Geothermal Energy).

Powering the Future, Sustainably!

Renewable Energy

Future activities will comprise the technical and commercial management of the group's wind farms as well as consulting services for other projects and the promotion of other renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, energy storage as well as the production and distribution of Green Hydrogen.

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Our Projects

Wincono Cyprus Ltd. is working on the development of renewable energy projects.

Makis Ketonis

Managing Director

Sylvia Trabert

Managing Director
Team of Experts

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The success of a company is mainly defined by its professional and experienced team.

  • A professional and experienced team
  • Close cooperation and support with our customer
  • Reliability based on proven track record

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